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The Only Programming Interview Question You Need to Prepare For
Despite sitting in 500 interviews, it all boiled down to one thing.

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A closer look at Swift’s result builders feature, and how it can give us some really valuable insights into how SwiftUI’s DSL operates under the hood.

Downloading and uploading from the background with the URLSession API brings some common pitfalls, especially when combined with app extensions.

SwiftUI has a built-in way to add a drop shadow with the shadow modifier. But if you want to add an inner shadow effect, you need to be a bit creative.

Combine framework was presented at WWDC2019. Let’s talk about whether something changed in our lives.

NSAutoreleasePool was very important during the Obj-C era. Let's see cases where it's still useful in Swift.

Tools & Libraries
Animation engine for gesturally-driven user interfaces, animations, and interactions on iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Apple Frames for iPhone 12 and SE, Get Image Resolution, Encode Images to Base64, and Search Articles in Reeder.