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View Models at Kickstarter
Brandon from Kickstarter joins us and shows how the company uses view models to write highly testable code. We integrate Apple Pay payments and look at Kickstarter's open-source codebase.

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Time traveling in Swift unit tests
A lot of code that we write relies on the current date in some way. Whether it’s cache invalidation, handling time sensitive data, or keeping track of durations, we usually simply perform comparisons against Date(). However, writing tests against code that uses such date comparisons can sometimes be a bit tricky.

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What in the World is an “Escaping Closure” in Swift?
If you’re mostly in the business of coding up closures to pass off to other functions as callbacks, you may not have run into the concept of an “escaping closure” yet.
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Using SwiftLint and Danger for Swift Best Practices
In a lot of ways, Swift is very flexible language and it is really easy to misuse it. Applying best practices becomes really important.

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Anima is chainable Layer-Based Animation library for Swift 3.

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The easiest way to display highly customizable in app notification banners in iOS.

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The simplest architecture for RxSwift.
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