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Abstract types and methods in Swift
What abstract types are, how they could be implemented in Swift, and how they relate to protocols and other polymorphic programming techniques.
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Look at how we can apply this approach using unidirectional flow.
Last part in the short and interesting 'Optimization in Swift' series.
Xcode previews are incredibly useful for SwiftUI development.
But, we can also cross over to UIKit and still reap their benefits.
In iOS 15, SwiftUI added a convenient view modifier to present a confirmation dialog to the user.
Learn how to use a launch argument to override UserDefaults value and test your apps.
Auto Layout is a very powerful API, here's an example on how to set up constraints programmatically.
CT Scanners looked at the packaging of three popular condiments.

Author poked around in the “Apple ID” and “Family Sharing” panes in the macOS System Preferences where he spotted a few interesting details.

Example of a phishing attack would be someone sending you an email pretending to be Apple, saying that there’s some sort of problem with your Apple ID.