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AnyObject, Any, and any: When to use which?
AnyObject, Any, and any look similar, but have important differences. 
Learn when and when not to use any of these keywords in Swift.
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Learn how to start using CloudKit in the app to save and fetch data from the cloud and sync between multiple user devices.

How Uber reduced the code size by around 20% using advanced compiler technologies in few of their apps.
Published on: Feb 26, 2021
How to break your project into a smaller maintainable modules with Swift Package.

Exhaustive testing can lead to a bunch of TDD anti-patterns, what is the alternative?

Calling asynchronous code from Combine

Apple introduced the new FormatStyle protocol with iOS 15. 
By using it, you can easily convert your data into localized strings.

Learn about actionable notifications that allow users to respond without launching the app.

Tuples have long been in the Swift language, but their utility knows no bounds.