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Aspect Ratios in SwiftUI
How does the .aspectRatio modifier work?
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First issue in the 'Swift Evolution Monthly' series with interesting topics from the Swift forums.
One of the challenging parts of SwiftUI is really understanding the way it manages view state.
Last week was all about the basics of CloudKit - how to save, fetch and sync data between devices. This time it's about data sharing between users.
A typealias declaration introduces a named alias of an existing type into your app. 
What are the benefits and when to use them?

How to build a screen to allow single and multiple selections using diffable data source and a table view.

Simplify presenting alerts for thrown errors by creating a generic extension on SwiftUI views based on the localized error protocol.
This article introduces Deep Links and how you can use them for custom app launch experience with SwiftUI.

News & Updates
As part of Swift’s move toward safe, simple, and performant asynchronous programming, a new package is introduced - Swift Async Algorithms.
Author wanted a way to have physical tickets from GitHub in front of him. One Epson printer, a Raspberry Pi, and some PHP later, he had a working system in place.
Some fun facts you may not have heard of.

Abstraction in general is usually said to be something which helps readers understand code without delving into the details.