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Building async and concurrent versions of forEach and map
How to utilize Swift’s built-in concurrency system when performing data transformations using functions like forEach and map.
If you are interested, check out also CollectionConcurrencyKit
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How CPU cores in the M1 Pro and Max are managed quite differently from those in the original M1, and how that might affect what you can do with these latest models.

Testing relatively new service from GitHub and OpenAI, described as “Your AI pair programmer”. 
There's a good chance that you're using SwiftUI and that you're not quite sure how and when SwiftUI determines which views should redraw.

WebSockets have been the standard network protocol for chat and event-driven based applications given their ability to provide a persistent communication channel between clients and a server.

How to create a localized currency TextField in SwiftUI.

One of the many things included in SwiftUI Release 3 was the ability to display badges. 
Learn how to use the badge view modifier and customize the look and feel of badges.

This blog post describes how to deal with dependent pull requests on GitHub, as well as the git concepts you need to master to understand them.

Vapor adds async APIs to the most popular Vapor APIs and allows you to write async route handlers.
Apple News & Updates
The free beta is available now for small businesses in the U.S. with up to 500 employees.
The easiest way for small businesses to manage Apple devices by one flexible subscription that delivers complete management, support, and storage.

Make sure your apps are up to date and ready for the busiest season on the App Store. 
Due to anticipated high volume, plan to send time-sensitive submissions early.
During the summer of 2021, WhatsApp engaged NCC Group's Cryptography Services team to conduct an independent security assessment of its End-to-End Encrypted Backups project.

In recent years, cryptocurrencies and blockchains are two uprising fields, so take a look at a way of creating a blockchain in Javascript.

Don't attach your sense of self-worth to being right, because left unchecked, ego can lead to arrogance and ignorance, 

As software developers, we're always learning new things; it's practically the whole gig! If we can learn to quickly pick up new languages/frameworks/tools, we'll become so much more effective at our job. It's sort of a superpower.