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iOS Architecture at Lyft
How Lyft maintains large complex codebase by isolating modules and features, examples of navigation handling, state driven routers and declarative UI.
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Async/await in Swift allows to write asynchronous tasks with structured concurrency while maintaining readability.

How to create a task group, add child tasks to a task group, and gather results from all the child tasks.

A collection of the most common custom types we might define into the environment.

Porting a SwiftUI app to the web using SwiftWasm
A safe area defines the area within a view that isn’t covered by a navigation bar, tab bar, toolbar, or other views. SwiftUI views respect safe areas out of the box. But there are plenty of situations when you need to customize this behavior.

Xcode Cloud beta: How to setup a workflow and integration with GitHub.
Apple News & Updates
iOS 15.2 beta: App Privacy Report. 
This is a great opportunity to review your app's sensor, data, and internet usage.
New open-source package for the Swift on Server ecosystem, Swift Distributed Actors, a complete server-oriented cluster library for the upcoming distributed actor language feature.

You can now invite people to try out beta versions of your Mac apps and provide valuable feedback before release.
Includes a complete bill of materials (BOM), STL/OBJ-files for all the 3d-printed parts and detailed instructions of how everything is assembled. It also includes instructions of how all the necessary open-source softwares are installed.
Interactive article explaining how curves and surfaces are modelled.