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Wrapping existing asynchronous code in async/await in Swift
How to convert a function that takes a callback to an async function by wrapping it in a continuation.
Also check out: Difference between checked and unsafe continuations
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Regex overhaul, improved Existentials, Swift 5.7 timeline.

AsyncThrowingStream and AsyncStream allow you to rewrite existing closure based code to async-await overloading methods.
Don’t store string indices or offsets if possible. 
They aren’t stable over time or across runtime environments.

DocC offers a lot of value and has some really cool features like interactive tutorials, and it looks like the best option available if you do not need a static site.

Code snippet: Create a UICollectionView with the new modern APIs.

How to show a content on an external screen.

Note: Even easier, you can just drag and drop .ans file to the simulator.
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Genuine Apple parts and tools can now be purchased by US customers.
As of April 21, 2022, Apple has discontinued macOS Server.
From the 8 cores of the original M1 chip to the M1 Ultra’s 20, this is how macOS manages threads from apps, services and other code.
If your app has a designer, ask them how many colors they think are in your app. Then, count the number of colors that you actually use in your app. The bigger the app, the more comical the difference will be.