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Transitions in SwiftUI
Transitions happen when a view is added or removed from the view tree. In SwiftUI there is no addSubview(_:). 
Instead, you can only add and remove views through the combination of a state change and using an if statement (or switch or ForEach).
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Optimizing performance is definitely one of the most interesting topics, not only on iOS, but software development in general.
Mostly AVAudioSession tips on how to create the best experience for the user.
This is a framework Apple released in iOS 13, which is used to automatically sync data in a Core Data database to all of your other devices.
Set of constraints to cover edge cases, author named them min-mid-max design.
Every year Apple introduces new features to the system, and sometimes they have to deprecate some old APIs to make room for the new ones, learn how to handle these changes.
Simple topic to explore the interesting facts about UIKit coordinate system, with the goal to center a subview within its superview.

Dictionary type where each key defines the type of value it stores. The public API is fully type-safe.

Export logs from the user devices by leveraging the power of the Unified Logging System.

Starting with iOS 13, we can use quick actions to give users access to our app's functionality directly from the home screen, when they touch and hold the app icon.