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CreateML Tutorial for iOS: Creating a Customized Image Filter using Style Transfer |
Style Transfer is a machine learning technique. Through this, you can transform any given image stylized as another! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to leverage Apple’s ML Frameworks to achieve this on your iOS device.

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In SwiftUI 4 and iOS 16, you will finally be able to hide the home indicator on iPhone and iPad devices that don’t have a home button, without resorting to UIKit hacks. Let’s see how.

View transitions are available from the very first version of the SwiftUI framework. The framework can apply a particular transition whenever the view is removed or added to the view hierarchy. The latest iteration of the SwiftUI framework brings us a new type of transition called content transitions.
In iOS 16, Apple finally brings PhotosPicker to SwiftUI that it has the same functionalities as its UIKit counterpart - PHPickerViewController.

A tip to prevent error and improve readability when dealing with numbers.

SwiftUI gauge views come to iOS 16.

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Live Activities help people stay on top of what’s happening in your app in real time, right from the Lock Screen. You can now get started with Live Activities and the new ActivityKit framework, which are available in the beta 4 version of iOS 16.
Apple has officially cleared out any remaining trace of Intel on its newest redesigned M2 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. Looking ahead, the company is just getting started.