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Experimenting with Live Activities
Learnings from implementing my first iOS 16 Live Activity.

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SwiftUI 4 adds a new NavigationSplitView component that simplifies creating rich sidebar-based experiences on iPad and macOS, while automatically scaling down to a NavigationStackView (also new) on iPhone. It’s a powerful component that however can be a bit tricky to get started with, so let’s take a look at how to use it and some ways to style it.

Async-await in Swift supports scheduling and running multiple tasks in parallel. One of the benefits is that we can schedule all the async operations at once without worrying about any thread explo…

A navigation bar is an essential part of iOS apps. It is a part where we usually apply color to match our branding. In iOS 16, we can customize a navigation bar purely in SwiftUI.

Meet ProxyRepresentation in Transferable and learn how to specify additional transferable content along with the main transfer representation.

When you read SwiftUI tutorials, you might stumble on the fixedSize() modifier. Let's see what it is and why we need it.

The ternary operator is a powerful shorthand for the if else statement. It allows you to write complex conditions using just one line of code.

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Discover how this app conjures up its 3D soundscapes.

In June, Google posted a video about how RCS can bridge the messaging gap between iOS and Android, and it amped up efforts and escalated the effort on Tuesday. But, Apple doesn't need RCS, or at least the half-baked version it is today.