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How to Build a Wordle Game With SwiftUI

A step-by-step guide to recreate the famous game "Wordle" as an iOS app with SwiftUI. Includes a sample code repository.

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Fourth post in Microapps architecture series. This weeks topic is about injecting the dependencies into feature modules to improve testability and facilitate Xcode previews.
When and why to use Decimal instead of Double.

Managing an app’s memory is something that tends to be especially tricky when it comes to asynchronous code, so let’s take a look at how to do just that when using async/await.
@EnvironmentObject in SwiftUI allows injecting dependency by making them available to any child views through the SwiftUI Environment.
Published on: Oct 6, 2021

SF Symbols is an icons library, with a lot of configuration options, provided by Apple that we can use in our iOS apps.

How to present the UI as popovers on iPhone
using SwiftUI.

Synchronous functions can perform the same cancellation checks as async code.
These types of tiny annoyances accrete over time, especially when no one is paying attention to them.