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Gracefully handle non-optional Core Data properties in Swift
Explore the issues with optional and non-optional values in Core Data regarding how the framework interacts with Swift. 
See how to solve those issues in a robust way.
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Article based on Joe Groff’s read and modify section in his pitch — with a more practical example showing performance implications.
Third post in Microapps architecture series.
This weeks topic is about sharing resources between modules and separating the localization of feature modules.
How to properly align text within a container view in SwiftUI.
A few examples on how to use Swift Concurrency to write asynchronous operations that are automatically retried if an error was encountered.

Apple's 'Local Authentication' framework allows you to use biometric authentication like Face ID or Touch ID in your applications to give users a secured access to sensitive data.

Apple added a much easier way to work with date, number and other data formatters in iOS 15 and macOS 12.

At the core of this experiment is a particle system, which is commonly used in games to create effects like fire, smoke, rain, and more.


An article with tips about how to do effective code reviews that have an impact on the quality of a codebase.

In depth look at how long it takes to read an app binary from disk, and why order files make apps launch faster.