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Tasks in Swift explained with code examples
Tasks in Swift allow us to create an environment in which we can run async methods using await.
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Second post in Microapps architecture series, this weeks topic are feature modules.
Add architecturally non-intrusive analytics in Swift using decorator pattern.
New in iOS 15, Swift friendly version of the much older Comparator (formerly NSComparator)

In symmetric-key cryptography, the same key is used for encrypting and decrypting data.

How SwiftUI enables us to stack views along the Z axis, which in turn makes it possible to create all sorts of backgrounds, overlays, and other effects.
How to make sure your layout is ready for multiple different languages.

Helps you wrap your head around Swift's property wrappers and creating custom ones.

SwiftUI Lists examples, from the most basic to more complicated ones.

Couple of extensions that show how to easily build your own concurrent power-ups.

Game Boy teardowns via CT scans.

Interactive article explaining how GPS works.