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Swift Keywords
Swift has quite a few keywords.
Let’s look at every single one, what it does, along with some code samples for each one.
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First post in a new series of posts about the microapps architecture, used to build scalable apps in Swift. Microapps architecture allows you to reduce the compile-time and enhances the separation of concerns in your codebase.
Dealing with merge conflicts in projects files (project.pbxproj) can be messy.
Here is a tool that could help you out.

A tip for creating multiple schemes to quickly run your app in different languages.

Swift 5.5 brought us a new feature which allows creating Swift package collections. 
Take a look at a required steps to create it.

The what and the why of a Swift precondition helper that accepts statements that can throw recoverable errors.

Making pixel art animations in UIImageView.

A guard statement can be used to ensure conditions are met before a method continues. Learn how and when to use a guard statement.

Learn how to inject JavaScript into the iOS web view (WKWebView) to customize the HTML styling to fit the look and feel of your apps.

Apple News & Updates
App Analytics in App Store Connect helps you see how people discover and engage with your apps. You can now view information about your in-app events, including event page views, reminder and notification data, and the number of downloads and redownloads.
A post that covers all the Mac malware that appeared during the course of the previous year.
Black hyperlinks had been the standard for many years, but why the sudden shift to blue?