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Conditional Compilation, Part 4: Deployment Targets
When we write code, it’s always nice to leave things for future maintainers to guide them down the correct path and avoid pitfalls.
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"Saying out loud" and "Daily Practice" techniques that author used at the beginning of his journey.

TimelineView is a SwiftUI view type that updates its body according to a provided schedule.

Interesting article about SwiftUI's render loop.
You wanna mess around and call some private API? 
Here’s a quick, to-the-point guide on how to do it.
Making of a customizable view that displays an animated checkmark in SwiftUI.
Add custom encoding and decoding logic for SwiftUI Color that is not Codable by default to be able to save it to disk or remote database.
Easily reset notification permissions during development to test your app as a new user without restarting your computer.
Group related data in a SwiftUI list using Section view. Add a header and footer to describe a particular section.
Adding custom views and view modifiers to the Xcode library.
An overview of the existing techniques and APIs native to iOS that allow developers to harden application security.e It weighs all the main pros and cons of methods that are provided by Apple and covers an alternative approach that is successfully deployed in our fraud detection solutions on other platforms. 

The somewhat uninituitive steps to get a private app distribution link on the App Store.

When something is free, people feel a positive glow — and standard cost-benefit analyses go out the window.

In late 2020, Apple debuted the M1 with Apple’s GPU architecture, AGX, rumoured to be derived from Imagination’s PowerVR series.