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Modeling errors in Swift
Error handling is a complex topic, and we should approach it carefully while designing our APIs.
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The main actor is a global actor that uses a custom executor that runs jobs on the main dispatch queue.

How you can use Proxyman to inspect and debug your app’s networking traffic.

Learn how to use an autoreleasepool in unit tests to capture memory leaks consistently throughout the development of your project.
How to handle keyboard presses on macOS using SwiftUI.
Take a look at how we can extend SwiftUI with a document scanner that uses the device camera to scan documents on iOS.

Explore how to insert images, formatted data, attributed strings etc inside text views by leveraging the power of string interpolation in LocalizedStringKey.

How to create a circular progress bar in SwiftUI using just three SwiftUI views.
A quick tip for displaying digits with a fixed-width, monospace font, when you don't want a "computer style" typeface.
Introducing new routing libraries that make client-side and server-side routing easy with more type safety and less fuss.
Together with the Swift core team and the community guiding the evolution of to make it an even better resource for everyone.