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Mastering Dynamic Island in SwiftUI
In the previous post, we talked about live activity widgets displaying your app’s ongoing events. Live activity widgets can utilize the dynamic island of the iPhone 14 Pro. In this post, we will discuss possible configurations and customization points of the dynamic island feature using the new API available in the WidgetKit framework.

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Every codebase under the sun on God’s green earth uses print statements to wrangle bugs. Let’s look at the tools that Swift has for such cases.

Learn different ways to check if a string is a number.

In this tutorial, we'll check out SwiftUI Gauge views, which is a new feature introduced in iOS 16. You'll learn how to use Gauge to create a speedometer.

I ran into an odd out-of-memory problem the other day when attempting to debug an iOS app on device. The app consistently crashed shortly after launch, preventing me from investigating the bug. To unblock myself, I learned a lot about the iOS virtual memory implementation and journaled my findings (including a fix!) here.

How and why SwiftKey created a CocoaPods plugin for mixing static and dynamic pods in the same Xcode target.

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iPhone users are adopting iOS 16 at a quicker pace than they adopted iOS 15 last year, according to updated data from analytics company Mixpanel....

Apple has seen high demand for the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max, which could lead the company to further differentiate the next-generation iPhone 15...