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State Restoration in SwiftUI
Learn how to use SceneStorage in SwiftUI to restore iOS app state.

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Or as I’ve started calling it, what isn’t new in Swift 5.7?
The Never type in Swift allows you to tell the compiler about an exit point in your code. It’s a type with no values that prevents writing unuseful code by creating dead ends. While the type Never on its own might be a little unknown, you might have been using it already in your codebase.

SwiftUI provides us with a brand new data-driven navigation API allowing us to map a value to a destination in the view hierarchy. This week I want to continue the story of the new navigation API in SwiftUI by covering another tool. We will learn how to use the NavigationPath type to build a navigation stack with different destinations.

There are many ways to create a rounded corners button in SwiftUI. Let's learn how to do it.

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With the latest iOS 16.1 beta, Apple has tweaked the design of the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to make it more visible on a dark...

iOS 16 was just released so let’s analyze its built-in apps. Like in the past years, I will try to answer a couple of questions: How many binaries are in iOS 16? Which programming languages are used to develop these apps? How many apps are written with Swift? What is the percentage of apps using SwiftUI versus UIKit?

Recently I became involved with an Android app, along with an iOS app for a product we were building. Through this, I gained an incentive…

In iOS 16, Apple introduced a new Apple Watch Mirroring feature that lets you see and control your Apple Watch screen from your paired iPhone. Keep...