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The Surprising Cost of Protocol Conformances
A deep dive into the Swift runtime to see how protocol conformance checks slow down post-main startup time as your binary size increases.

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Write faster, simpler, safer Swift code with this powerful open-source package.

Backpressure issues might come up in cases where processing values takes time like reading and writing data, server communication or rendering.

The most common application of CloudKit by far is to store private user data, what about using it as a content host?
RunLoop.main and DispatchQueue.main are often used as Combine schedulers to update the user interface. Though, both behave very differently.

Improve performance and eliminate unwanted animations by using inert view modifiers in SwiftUI.

New SF Symbols concept - SymbolVariants
Check out how this improves the way you interact with symbols.

Make asynchronous code fully testable in a lightweight way.

What does the -ffast-math optimization really do, and when is it safe to use it?

Apple News & Updates
Redesigned website showcasing open source projects & contributions.
Most exciting feature: added support for async/await.

AirPods teardown via CT scan.

Making a 90s style fantasy console inspired by the PS1.

The usual build-versus-buy rules for applications don't apply to integration.