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Transactions and Animations
In SwiftUI, there are many different ways to animate something on screen. You can have implicit animations, explicit animations, animated bindings, transactions, and even add animations to things like FetchRequest.
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Create your own bundle identifier based App Update Notifier with unit tests using popular techniques like Combine and async/await.
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On iOS 15, the system might decide to “pre-warm” your app before the user actually tries to open it.

Concurrency is a complicated topic and when Swift 5.2 introduced property wrappers several folks showed off implementations of @Atomic property wrappers to make properties atomic, or thread safe.
Published on: April 20, 2020
A quick tip that can save you some pain when editing multiple constraints in Interface Builder.

Create a custom view modifier for handling confirmation dialogs in SwiftUI

Deal with the most common cases when creating a DSL.

If you are not ready to make your app support dark mode, you can opt-out of that. You can do disable it for an entire app or partially.

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Generate the website's structure in a few shuffles and finish it in a visual editor.

Have you ever sat down and thought “I wonder if a trebuchet could launch a projectile at supersonic speeds?”

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