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WWDC21: Wrap up and recommended talks
Packed sessions, digital lounges, and a look forward to 2022.
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RealityKit Object Capture is a feature introduced in Xcode 13 that allows you to create 3D objects from photographs using a process called photogrammetry.

How the Swift compiler is now able to automatically perform conversions between Double and CGFloat values.

Sketchnote Summary đź–Ś
Asking for sensitive data like location is hard. Learn how Apple makes it easier with the new Location Button.

If your app has a UITableView, you're in good company. Pretty much every app ever written has one :-)
We describe the process taken to speed up the maintenance, development, and release cycle of our open source Flutter project.

Often, we hear that writing softwares using “statically typed languages” makes them type safe. Some even claim that “type safety means…