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What’s new in SwiftUI for iOS 15
Visual effects, remote URLs, and cleaned up APIs galore.

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Static Member Lookup in Generic Contexts allows simplifying code while improving the readability and discoverability of your code.

How the MainActor attribute eliminates the need for us to manually dispatch UI updates on the main queue when using Swift 5.5’s new concurrency system.

Each Xcode version comes with a specific Swift toolchain, but you don't have to wait for a new Xcode version to try the new Swift features.
We recently automated PDF Viewer for Mac distribution via fastlane. Here’s how you can do the same for your Mac Catalyst app.

We are adding new tools for handling enum state in the Composable Architecture, with a focus on safety and performance.

Recreating a fully functional version of iOS 4 in SwiftUI.
When Swift adds a new language feature as wide-reaching and fundamental as Concurrency, support for at least the current versions of iOS and macOS ought to be non-negotiable.