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iOS 15: Notable UIKit Additions
iOS 15 is coming in hot! Check out new ways to decode images, present sheets and more.

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WWDC21 is here! Let's take a look at some of the new SwiftUI additions!

Learn how to present sheets in different sizes using UIKit and its UISheetPresentationController, allowing for customisation and styling.

These are by no means step-by-step guides, merely illustrated examples that have come about over the course of developing my own apps and responding to questions from developers.
For varying levels of seniority, from senior, to staff, and beyond.

Come and explore the new SwiftUI features introduced in iOS 15, using lots of hands-on code examples.

Summer season is at the door and before we all scatter around and turn on our vacay mode, let's meet up one more time and see what's new in the Flutter world.
So apparently async / await is iOS 15 only in practice?