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Generics in Swift explained with code examples
Generics in Swift prevent code duplication by allowing code to be reused.
Check out some examples on when and how to use them.
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These improvements come down to changes in dyld -- the program responsible for bootstrapping your app and starting execution of your own code.
A tour of the new SwiftUI preview canvas in Xcode 14.
Learn how to use the BackgroundTasks framework in SwiftUI.

Read about the Facade design pattern in Swift, what it's all about and what its benefits are, and when and how to put it in motion.

User activities and SwiftUI never really fit like a glove, but regardless they are key for state restoration. 
Luckily, SwiftUI has a little trick to make the process pragmatic and type safe.
Swift 5.7 introduced a new syntax for optional binding.

How to use Swift Mirror Reflection API and its advantages and disadvantages.

In iOS 16, SwiftUI comes with a new view called ShareLink. When users tap on the share link, a share sheet opens.

OptionSet is a really useful Swift type. Here’s how you can save and read such values in Core Data.
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WeatherKit brings valuable weather information to your apps and services through a wide range of data that can help people stay up to date, safe, and prepared.
Apple has detailed two initiatives to help protect users who may be personally targeted by sophisticated digital threats.
Filled with a lots of graphs and clear explanations.

Intel’s i860 RISC chip was a graphics powerhouse.

The cryptography used by Police CyberAlarm is not secure.