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Existential any in Swift explained with code examples
Existentials in Swift are defined using the any keyword and provide dynamic types, but also come with performance impact you should know.
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Explore ChartRenderer and ImageRenderer, their tricks, quirks and limitations.
Task view modifier is the key to the Swift Concurrency world through SwiftUI.
Model View Controller Store fits somewhere in between MVVM and TCA.
WWDC22, @const, some, Generic extensions, Swift 6 feature flags.

Lots of best practices, backed up with a sprinkling of big new features.

A native way for third-party apps to provide custom extension points that other apps can take advantage of.

Take advantage of the new URL APIs in iOS 16, which let us obtain paths to system directories more easily without the need to use FileManager methods.

If your Apple account belongs to multiple teams, this can cause Fastlane confusion. Learn how to fix it.