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What’s new in Swift 5.7
Or even better, what isn’t new in Swift 5.7?
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Covering the most significant additions and changes to the SwiftUI framework.

Explore the capabilities of the new Swift Charts framework introduced at WWDC 2022 while making a streamgraph with custom colour gradient and text labels.

iOS 16 is out in the wild! Let’s check in with our trusty interface framework, UIKit.
Small improvements that make a big difference in day-to-day coding.
Exploring how iOS 16’s new UIHostingConfiguration API enables us to inline SwiftUI views within our UITableView or UICollectionView cells.
It’s worth trying to understand them both because you’ll gain a much better understanding about how Swift deals with generics and protocols.
App Icon Generators are no longer needed if you’re using the new single-size app icons in Xcode 14. You can still define individual app icons, but it does require you to define all individual sizes.
Highlights of the new technologies introduced at WWDC22.