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Async/Await, Combine, Closures: A Guide to Modern Asynchronous Swift
A comparison between async/await, Combine, and closures in Swift. Includes an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches.
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WWDC 2022 viewing guide to help you plan the sessions you want to watch.
Source editing just keeps getting better and better.
Build a custom ridge chart with the new Swift Charts framework to show the distribution of a numeric variable for several groups.
iOS 16 add a new Grid view to SwiftUI.
This table-like structure makes a layout that is hard to do in vertical and horizontal stacks become easier.
SwiftUI provides the new data-driven Navigation API. Learn how to use it to build complex user flows.
A NavigationLink can be triggered programmatically by making use of a custom view modifier based on an optional binding in SwiftUI.
Learn how to use Realm with SwiftUI as a data persistence solution by building a potion shopping list app.

In Swift 5.7, protocols can specify primary associated types. These associated types are a lot like generics. They allow developers to specify the type for a given associated type as a generic constraint.